"Voice's Transition"

The podcast "Voice's Transition" includes a series of episodes about the electronical transformation of one's voice into another voice in terms of gender. All the podcasts are made from parts of the "player", an online archive, with my voice as a narrator. The voices and sounds, you will listen to, come from workshops I have co-organised, soundwalks and media sources from a body of research.




sample_rate: 44100
duration: 534.857143
title: transformation for presence
narrator: angeliki
topic: transcribing, translating, human microphone, mediating each other's speech
filename: podcast.20190507-1129.mp3
format_name: mp3
size: 8558073


00:00:06,040 You will listen parts of my online archive
00:00:11,400 that includes recordings
00:00:14,540 from meetings I have co-organized
00:00:20,080 and internet sources related to my research.
00:01:25,340 During the conflict in Syria, a group of people that wanted to broadcast their own news for the safety of the citizens and the avoidance of more killings, set up a radio station.
00:01:37,140 The station which was called Radio Fresh
00:01:40,260 seized to exist in 2016 because of a sudden intervention from Nusra, an extremist Islamist group.
00:01:54,220 Some groups of women decided to first learn vocal techniques and participate in the radio station.
00:02:02,500 They then broadcasted their own music and speech, but after a while Nusra threatened to close the station if women didn't leave.
00:02:13,240 Nusra considered their voices shameful, a form of nakedness.
00:03:22,460 You are listening to people reading extracts
00:03:27,840 reading a transcription of a radio podcast
00:05:40,200 This kind of male extremist group seeks to prevent women from political expression.
00:05:46,300 After these threats these women were helped to electronically re-modulate their voices from female to male.
00:05:54,940 They felt weird with this transformation but everybody was taken their words seriously.
00:06:01,080 And after a while they got used to it.
00:06:04,280 It became part of themselves.
00:06:19,240 In one of our meetings
00:06:22,960 with people that were interested in this
00:06:28,980 in voice in public
00:06:32,440 we shared personal experiences regarding speech.
00:06:40,160 And we listened back to our voices
00:06:43,820 but being distorted.
00:08:50,840 Laurie Anderson
00:08:53,860 in her performance "Mach 20"
00:08:57,180 distorted her voice and sounded like male
00:09:02,780 speaking through this new voice.
00:10:39,760 In Ancient Greece there was an utterance, a high-pitched cry
00:10:46,140 the "ololyga", which was a female ritual practice.
00:11:44,660 This irrational way of speaking was excluded from the civic space of Ancient Greek Democracy.
00:11:59,960 But this is like this fear of
00:12:04,440 a more primitive nature of ourselves
00:12:11,500 We then tried, together with this group of people, to read, to sing
00:12:20,780 or to read vowels that we had extracted from our sentences,
00:12:31,060 describing personal experiences, and sing them together
00:12:37,480 as a reminder of this Ancient female utterance
00:12:42,280 but again with a technically distorted voice.
00:13:19,460 According to Anne Carson
00:13:24,320 the quality of sound
00:13:28,680 of voice is falsely associated with gender.
00:13:36,700 Who said that men should sound like men?
00:13:44,520 or women like women.


sample_rate: 44100
duration: 698.592653
title: Female to Male
narrator: angeliki
topic: voice's transformation, change gender
filename: podcast-20190529-1926.mp3
format_name: mp3
size: 11177845

Dear listener,

you are invited to
parts of the podcasts that you find worthy of attention by listening, recording and repeating them, with your own voice, and upload them in the archive. The stories and sounds, you will listen to, are related to how female voices have been marginalised and what methods (rational/irrational) amplify and bring them in the front. Amplification can happen through repetition and multiplication. Your recording becomes part of a gathering of multiple individual voices, that repeat fragments of situations and things that are unspeakable, and can appear as feedback to them. Your voice, no matter what gender, with its own quality and uniqueness will channel these fragmented female voices. This audio collection may be, then, used as an input for workshops.

Maximum duration: 1 min

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