"Blocking our Voices"

The podcast "Blocking our Voices" includes a series of episodes about the ways we learn to self-control and sensor our speech. All the podcasts are made from parts of the "player", an online archive, with my voice as a narrator. The voices and sounds, you will listen to, come from workshops I have co-organised, soundwalks and media sources from a body of research.



00:00:03,240 It is very common that we block our voices when we speak in public.
00:00:11,020 We speak in a specific range of
00:00:18,800 volume.
00:00:22,200 Or with a specific pitch.
00:00:26,040 Sometimes this changes depending on where we are. It's different when we are in our houses
00:00:32,980 we get more loud with our family than when we get outside of the houses.
00:00:39,640 And we have to speak with others in a meeting or
00:00:45,920 in our jobs.
00:00:50,160 We judge harshly our voices.
00:00:56,600 And we learn to mute ourselves.
00:03:35,820 I met with these people in a meeting, in a group
00:03:40,480 and invite them to talk about experiences
00:03:45,340 personal experiences
00:03:50,180 with their voices in public
00:05:48,980 Marginalized people vocalize things that are unacceptable for the society
00:05:54,540 unspeakable, politically incorrect, emotional overwhelming, disorderly.
00:06:15,340 It has been established that our inner desires
00:06:19,740 and needs have to be expressed indirectly through speech.
00:06:24,800 And in the case of women through their men speech.
00:06:35,560 Through speech and language people can construct their identities and claim their own presence and voice in public.
00:06:59,920 In the text of Anne Carson, that I refer in my thesis,
00:07:08,180 the chapter of her book
00:07:11,700 the chapter is about the gender of sound
00:07:16,840 she uses many adjectives and phrases of how people describe
00:07:25,060 of how like our society describes
00:07:32,440 women's voices and I would say even more that women's like
00:07:38,580 irrational voices, voices that sound
00:07:43,640 very primitive or irrational. So she would describe like that
00:07:55,460 high-pitched, loud shouting, having too much smile in it
00:08:01,440 decapitated hen, heartchilling groan, garg,
00:08:06,920 horrendous, howling dogs, being tortured in hell, deadly, incredible babbling, fearsome hullabaloo,
00:08:18,000 she shrieks obscenities, haunting garrulity, monstrous, prodigious noise level,
00:08:25,860 otherwordly echo, making such a racket,
00:08:32,520 a loud roaring noise,
00:09:07,960 This was Katalin Ladik in the film " Berberian Sound Studio"
00:09:16,600 where she is performing the witch's revenge.
00:09:32,500 wailing, sobbing, shrill lament, loud laughter, screams of pain or of pleasure, eruptions of raw emotion,
00:09:44,820 groan, barbarous excesses, female outpourings, bad sound, craziness,
00:09:53,520 non-rational, weeping, emotional display,
00:09:59,820 oral disorder, disturbing, abnormal, "hysteria", "Not public property", exposing her inside facts,
00:10:12,020 private data, permits direct continuity between inside and outside, female ejaculation,
00:10:20,840 "saying ugly things", objectionable, pollution, remarkable.
00:11:06,380 high-pitched, loud shouting, having too much smile in it, decapitated hen,
00:11:14,580 barbarous excesses, weeping, abnormal,
00:11:19,840 "hysteria", "Not public property", exposing her inside facts.
00:11:47,420 In Ancient Greece there was a superstition that associated high-pitched voices with evil.


sample_rate: 44100
duration: 805.093878
title: judging voices harshly
narrator: angeliki
topic: blocking our voices
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you are invited to
parts of the podcasts that you find worthy of attention by listening, recording and repeating them, with your own voice, and upload them in the archive. The stories and sounds, you will listen to, are related to how female voices have been marginalised and what methods (rational/irrational) amplify and bring them in the front. Amplification can happen through repetition and multiplication. Your recording becomes part of a gathering of multiple individual voices, that repeat fragments of situations and things that are unspeakable, and can appear as feedback to them. Your voice, no matter what gender, with its own quality and uniqueness will channel these fragmented female voices. This audio collection may be, then, used as an input for workshops.

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